"You are the gatekeeper to Divine Wisdom - use your key to discover awakened awareness.    Let your Highest Self lead you into the Truth of Oneness and Freedom.
Unlock the door to your Inner Light and behold the treasure of You!"


"Kyra, our flame-throwing guide led us down a path... I opened a door to my inner self and found that Paradise was INSIDE... whatever I say, do, or think is enough to transform my world and those in it.
All my past became irrelevant, and the Present blossomed into radiant Light, illuminating my path and those around me." 
- Howard O'Maley, Houston, Texas

Kyra personifies "the joy of the Lord; she's a walking / breathing / laughing Christ. She is contagious. Attend any class you possibly can just to be in her presence and under her teaching.  DELIGHTFUL!!!
- Linda Carr, Lake Jackson, Texas 

Kyra has been a Spiritual Coach, Healer, Friend, and Confidant, and Mentor. She brought me back to who I really was and showed me my worth in the world by holding sacred space and allowing me to be where I was in the moment. There were the moments in the middle of the night that I would contact her in the midst of so many things I did not understand. She only asked me to be willing to be willing. As the months passed and we met every week things began to fall into place and forgiveness and love began to overcome the fear and unforgiveness I had carried.

Today I am able to see my worth, to see my beauty, to see my value and all that I am doing in this world. Many avenues are opening up as I stay the course in my spiritual life. I continue to meet with Kyra as needed to keep myself on my Spiritual course and continue to see more and more beautiful things happening in my life. Kyra thinks outside the box and always sees the possibilities and gifts in each person and situation. I don’t know where I would be without her today. Today my business flourishes, my relationships are wonderful, and my Spiritual Life is wonderful as I continue to take care of myself and walk through the open the doors that stand before me. 

Kyra is an Angel sent here to lead us in a new direction and help us challenge old belief systems that no longer serve us, to see ourselves as creative beings with potential that goes on to infinity. She truly brought me out of the depths of a self-made hell to a self-made heaventhat continues to grow. The gifts have been extraordinary and beautiful, she saved a life, mine, and I am eternally grateful to her and thank God every day for her presence in our world. 
-- Jackie Lawson San Leon, TX

Never having been present during a channeled session I was beguiled amazed and intrigued. The several "entities" were informative, playful, charming, kind and loving. I felt they were speaking just to me, everything that was said resonated in my soul. I wept at the gentle words of love and laughed at the clever "Irish" matron. A life changing experience.  
~ Sara Thompson, Seabrook, TX

Kyra’s invigorating passion to heal our planet and each other through her ministry & teachings simply reverberates through your whole being.  Now, she opens her whole being allowing beautifully orchestrated etheric messages that are destined to be heard!  

~ Kent Smith, author of Love Promised:  A Future Life Revealed.

I am a better minister, father and friend thanks to her guidance and example. …When I wasn't sure where to go and would turn to Kyra for guidance, she would offer keen insights to clarify what I was seeing and deftly guide me back into myself to discover answers to questions I hadn’t even considered. She’s shown me how to be discerning, encouraging, compassionate and clear.”
~ the late Rev. Mark Fisk, Regional Coordinator – Teen Programs, Southwest Region of Unity Churches & Sr. Minister, Unity of Mesa

 A couple of months ago, Rev Kyra and I were discussing about me coming to Houston to teach Spiritual Healing and offering personal sessions at her church.In our conversation, Rev Kyra mentioned to me that she was now involved with channeling. 

Over the many years, I've been introduced to many others that showed potentials, some that had a somewhat fantasy and wishful thinking of want to do in such a thing as channeling. There are only some that have been thrown into this real world of tapping into "other beings" by spirit moving through them. While in Houston offering training and healing sessions at Rev. Kyra’s ministry, she invited me to a small group channeling session.  To my surprise there were six of us settled in a cozy room... as Rev Kyra began. I was stunned!

For years, I had known Rev Kyra as a dear friend. Not once have I heard her speak on "string theory" and other topics in detail that would normally be difficult to simplify into a language that I would be comfortable with and clearly understood by the laymen... unless there was a direct experience with the phenomena and some scientific understanding.

It makes sense, if it isn't to be the experience, it needs to be of someone or something from a greater consciousness that was wise and was speaking through her. Rev Kyra talked on with 5 various energies, beings that moved through her dearly and fluidly. In all five voices, there was distinction. All of the information was spoken in a language that was understandable and clear. It was light, I was glad.

The information was important and for me, I was affected in many understandings of what I had learned over the many years. The voices elaborated on understandings that I was familiar with and she previously had no understanding of that I was aware of.Warmly,  Mark Earlix, Healer – Intuitive by the grace of God,

-- 888. 380. 6388  www.MarkEarlix.com

Kyra is an amazing channel. She brings in the highest channels with the highest energy.  The information that is brought to us has changed my healing work plus my personal life.  The light codes are also changing my body. I am very grateful that I was invited to witness Kyra’s evolution. 
– Cindee Farkus, Hands on Healer.

Their message is to breathe! I have not been this entertained in a very long time! They come through so uplifting and clear. They are here to teach us what to expect during these exciting times on earth since the shift of 2012. The messages are so loving it feels like I have reconnected with my long lost family! Never have I witnessed not one, not two but three or more separate groups consistently come with messages eager to teach and truly love us!! As does this amazing channel, Kyra. I can't say enough how talented she is, and I've been exposed to many channelers over the past 20 years
  - Lee Ann Vogel

When I received a powerful transformational call to ministry, Kyra became my spiritual counselor. She was the first person in 50 years who created enough safety that I was able to finally talk about early childhood sexual abuse and start the healing process. She has an intuitiveness that is a gift which she willingly shares to support others in their healing process. …Kyra will be a blessing to everyone she comes into contact with. She has many talents and skills which she uses to create an upward spiraling of consciousness. She is very aware of her strengths and areas of potential growth. She empowers others to journey into being all they dream they can be.”
~ Judy Hildebrand, Unity Ministerial Candidate, MSED, SCUCA YOU Consultant

Jeff realized that he had been living his life unconsciously and Kyra “woke up” his consciousness and has been growing and learning in exponential proportions since then…never again going “back to sleep” living an unconscious life. …the man that Jeff has become over the past three years has changed our family at its core by his example and leadership.”
~ Jeff & Stephanie Lobeck, Chandler, Arizona
I got more out of the 30 minutes I spent with Kyra than I did in the 6 one-hour sessions I spent with my therapist.
~ Alex Silard, Tempe, Arizona
Kyra is able to help you find clarity in any situation and help you move forward into a place of peace, love, joy, appreciation & empowerment. Whether it's the loss of a loved one, challenges with a relationship or finding a deeper understanding of oneself.
~ Cheri Figgs, Gilbert, Arizona
My own spiritual transformation was indeed taken to a deeper and profound understanding of the Divine within me. More importantly, I was able to fully connect to and embrace the Christ Consciousness that had always been my indweller. I am forever indebted to the mystic that walked amongst us at Unity of Divine Love, and will always cherish and honor the time I spent with one of my greatest teachers, Rev. Kyra Baehr.”
~ Dr. John A. Cordova, Spirit-Directed Healer & Oneness Blessing Facilitator

I came to know of Kyra through Oneness and she is an amazing person. She has abundant positive energy and strong connection with the divine which affects me every time I hear her speak. The processes that she facilitated left a huge positive impact on us. I deeply appreciate her dedication and commitment in helping people to move to higher states of consciousness. You are such a blessing for the Houston Community.”
~ Sabaresan Mothi

Kyra is one of the most spiritual people I have ever known. She is filled with love, light, and positive energy that will brighten your day.
~ Douglas Blue Feather, Recording Artist and CEO of Blue Feather Productions
Kyra is an extraordinary woman, who has made a difference in many lives, including mine! She is profoundly plugged in spiritually, and vibrates love while exuding well being, inspiration and joy. Kyra has a delightful sense of humor and brings clarity, heart and meaning to both individual and collective endeavors. She is a blessed and shiny soul, whom I am privileged and honored to know as a treasured teacher, guide, and dear friend.”
~ Sharon Warren, M.A., Chandler, Arizona

…she magically flows and weaves all the elements of music, words, song, movement, dialogue and prayer into a journey of self discovery, insights, awarenesses and lifts us all into a higher level of consciousness which transports us into our Soul's song-our Higher Self and self actualization.”
~ Cyndi Ruehl, Mesa, Arizona

She was open, accepting, understanding and respectful of all faith groups, whatever their historical background, their doctrine, or their location. Kyra’s talent coupled with her enthusiasm endeared her to everyone.”
~ Dr. Paul Eppinger, Executive Director, Arizona Interfaith Movement

There is no doubt Kyra was called into my life to help with my awakening and spiritual development. With her coaching, I have been able to grow in ways that have enriched every part of my life.  The insight and ancient wisdom she folds into her practice helps "flower the heart" to a deeper knowing that we are all One and part of a loving universe where each of us is important.  My mind, body, and spirit are more aligned with the truth of who I really am."
~ Raquel Lozano, Houston, Texas