"You are the gatekeeper to Divine Wisdom - use your key to discover awakened awareness.    Let your Highest Self lead you into the Truth of Oneness and Freedom.
Unlock the door to your Inner Light and behold the treasure of You!"

About Kyra

Rev. Kyra Baehr
Unity Minister, Oneness Trainer, Spiritual Coach & Channel

Kyra is a bridge-builder between the seen and the unseen. She has spanned the decades bringing the spiritual, nonprofit and corporate worlds together. Her gifts assist others to live in awareness of their own Divinity and access their true spiritual gifts in everyday practical ways. Her ability to feel into the inner realms and create a loving presence of acceptance helps guide others to melt away the hardened or false inner beliefs that have kept them in bondage to doubt, fear, shame and guilt. As a presence for Divine Love she facilitates others in experiencing and awakening their own ability to feel and relate to a loving Presence that leads to the healing and transformative power of Divine Grace.

Kyra brings a wisdom born of years of in-depth experience with people of all faiths and backgrounds. She has experience and knowledge of many traditions, faiths, and spiritual paths - both eastern and western. Her many practices make her an everyday mystic able to translate the messages of the Divine into life here on earth in tangible and practical ways. She will meet you where you are on your path with full acceptance and love while inviting you to the next level of consciousness that fulfills your life in new and wondrous ways.

Kyra has over 20 years as a Unity minister, 6 years nonprofit leadership, 10 years in leadership in the corporate world and 10 years in Oneness. Kyra has experienced many overcomings in her own journey along the path of life. She has done deep inner child work facilitated by her own inner guides. Kyra has an empathic sensitivity that has taught her to look deeply within for answers beyond the realm of outer senses. Her own experiences have included healing teenage rapes, sudden and unexpected career changes, serious health challenges, relationship betrayals and losses, and financial meltdown. The experiences of her life path have taught her to find tools to feel deeply into her humanity while learning to rise in greater strength and awareness through the power of Infinite Source. Her many years also involved counseling and coaching congregants and clients to create lives of peace, harmony and fulfillment by bringing 'heaven'ly consciousness into everyday 'earth'ly life. 

For more information - see her resume and testimonials. Most importantly, feel into your own inner wisdom and see if the call for spiritual coaching with Kyra resonates for you. Listen and you'll know.  Then be ready for transformation!
Kyra has been referenced as Divine translator, Soul Guide, Perception-shifter, Conscious Awareness reflector, Awakener. Sacred Presence Activator, Joy Personifier, Loving Kindness Exuder, Wisdom Revealer, Energy Igniter, Kundalini starter and Omni-dimensional teacher. 

Her gifts involve helping you find inner freedom from blatantly persistent to sublimely subtle soul patterns, ancestral karma, unconscious energy loops, and self-sabotaging thoughts, beliefs, words and actions.