"You are the gatekeeper to Divine Wisdom - use your key to discover awakened awareness.    Let your Highest Self lead you into the Truth of Oneness and Freedom.
Unlock the door to your Inner Light and behold the treasure of You!"

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Spiritual Coach & Counselor

Spiritual Coaching & Counseling is a partnering between you, me (your coach) and the Divine.  The purpose is to transform your life through spiritual awareness.  The focus is on shifting perception, shedding self-defeating patterns of thought and behavior, and opening to your inner guidance in ways that create a lightness of Being.   

The results of inner awareness and expanded consciousness are:
•    peace of mind
•    health and vitality
•    freedom from stress
•    harmony in relationships
•    fulfillment in living a meaningful and purposeful life
•    freedom from suffering
•    abundance and prosperity

Ultimately, you come to peace with yourself and learn to trust your own inner wisdom and ability to access Spirit’s guidance.  The rich, light, joy-filled life that you are meant to be living is encoded in your very DNA.  Our role together is to release the sacred splendor of who you already are in your inner essence so you are the living light and brilliance of your True Self.  

Spiritual awareness and the resulting mastery of life is attained in our spiritual coaching and counseling sessions through healing, releasing false beliefs, shifting perceptions and awakening in consciousness.   Self-acceptance and self-love lead to a life of loving relationships and acceptance of life’s ever-changing landscape.  Life itself becomes a delightful exploration as possibilities become apparent and accessible that could not have even been seen from your previous perspective.

The power of spiritual coaching is the opportunity to focus entirely on you and your inner awareness.  You receive personalized guidance based on your individual needs.  Living a transformed life empowers you, your family and the world.  

Though this mastery of spiritual practice and awareness sounds very transcendent – and it is – it is also very practical.   Living in alignment with the Light vibration as a Living Light in our world is actually a very tangible experience that creates what some would define as a life of ‘miraculous’ happenings.  Miracles are your everyday occurrence because what we have defined as miracles is simply the flow of living in an expanded consciousness that directs your daily life with ease and grace. 

Your session may include exploration into inner awareness through conversation, guided meditation, visualization, oneness blessings of grace, shamanic soul retrieval, breathing and releasing techniques, and other spiritual practices.  Many levels of activities may be recommended based on what it will take to open your heart and expand beyond your mind to reach your intended spiritual outcomes.

When we open to Universal Spiritual Law and awareness, life becomes simple, decisions become stress-free and joy becomes your natural state.  Confusion is replaced by clarity, doubt and fear are replaced by confidence and trust, and self-expression is authentic and creative.  

Live Light Today and celebrate the brilliance of your Highest Self!

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Let's create an experience where you soar in freedom too.

 Rev. Kyra Baehr
Unity Minister, Oneness Trainer, Spiritual Coach & Channel

Awakening to Our Sacred Knowing:
The Jewel Within Our Own Temple

"We are experiencing an unprecedented time of awakening. Our souls are invited to emerge as the Light and Wisdom of Infinite Presence that has always been the core essence of who we are. It is our time to shine the light into the darkness within and to release ourselves from the bondage of fear, doubt, suffering and the illusion of separation. Allow the ancient wisdom and knowing that has been waiting eons for this moment to finally be set free. 

We are here now to create new realities and reveal our omni-dimensional interconnection and oneness.  It is time to open our hearts to the unconditional love that is the ever-flowing fountain of renewal and remembrance. Grace flows through us and flowers self-acceptance, self-love and love for the community of humanity that transforms our Beingness and our world. The creativity of the Universe is always available and we are ready to fulfill our true destiny as the creator Gods and Goddesses that we are. 

Come into the sacred temple of your Soul and experience the jewel of knowing within that guides you impeccably into a new life. Align with All and experience unimaginable joy and peace.  Let the journey unfold the Sacred Mysteries in alchemical experiences that transcend present perceptions of ‘reality.’ You are the alchemist, the magician, the priestess, the wizard, who knows the secrets of the Universe.  You are the gatekeeper throughout eternity -- the Divine wisdom keeper holding the key to awakened awareness. Let your Highest Self lead you into the Truth of Oneness. Unlock the door to your Inner Light and behold the treasure of You."
~ Kyra Baehr